Sage X3 Version 11 – Highlights of the New Release

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Sage X3 is now named Sage Enterprise Management (Sage EM). Learn More about the new version of Sage Enterprise Management (Sage EM).

Update: Latest version V12 of Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management) is Due Out by end-of year 2018.

The release of Sage X3 Version 11 builds upon its strong functionality and technology offering to address the needs of demanding enterprise users for corporate, finance, supply chain management, and production management.

From important new features and integrations, to an array of functional improvements and brand new complementary solutions, Sage X3 Version 11 continues to deliver a robust enterprise business management solution–without the complexity and technical drawbacks that come with typical enterprise ERP systems but at a much more favorable ROI and lower TCO.

Sage X3 Version 11 Highlights:

New Sage X3 Features:

  • Project management | Manage all aspects of a project from quoting to planning resources and material, tracking costs and schedule, and analyzing profits.
  • Automated Bank Statements | Improve the efficiency of the financial process by automatically generating the transactions matching open items or unbalanced operations when importing bank statements.

New Sage X3 Integrations:

  • Production scheduler | Optimize production cycles and control lead times with more flexible graphical production planning and scheduling capabilities.
  • E-commerce | Build or customize a comprehensive webstore within days, and manage catalogs, pricing, inventory, customers, and all transactions as part of the Sage X3 core supply chain management processes.
  • CRM: Synchronize customer records between Salesforce CRM and Sage X3, and display customer orders in Salesforce using the new Sage X3 Salesforce CRM Connector.
  • Financial Reporting: Easily design Sage Intelligence reports, with intuitive Excel-based reporting capabilities integrated with Sage X3 financial management, and automate the running and distribution of reports to teams or individuals.

 Additional Sage X3 Functional Improvements:

  • Supply chain management improvements include the ability to optimizing container capacity for shipments, and attach and track documents associated with receiving goods.
  • Financial management improvements include a real-time inter-company consolidation process, at the right level of aggregation.
  • Production management improvements include the ability to track shop floor activity by team within automated data collection (ADC) functionality of Sage X3.

New Sage X3 Complementary Solutions:

  • Sage X3 Geode: A new comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) meeting the needs of sophisticated distribution operations optimizing all physical flows in the warehouse, from receipts to shipments.
  • Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics: Integrate, migrate and manage data across platforms, and get consistent insights from multiple sources. Sage X3 Data Management provides users with a powerful data warehouse for managing information from any source effectively, and offers built-in data models to simplify data migration and reporting.
  • Sage X3 Construction: Extend the core Sage X3 capabilities for financial and supply chain management, with a cohesive solution to manage all of construction & real estate business processes—including project management, contract management, estimating, timesheet transactions, sub-contracting, project financial tracking. and cash flow.

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