Resources for Digital Transformation in the Chemical Enterprise

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Chemical distributors and manufacturers (like those in many other industries) are faced with the fast-pace of digital adoption amongst their competitors while combating various complex challenges, not limited to how to meet ever-changing compliance rules, drive down cost, and manage operational and manufacturing data.

The digital revolution which many see as a game changer for the industry has chemical manufacturers and distributors learning to adapt to the digital world. IoT and Artificial Intelligence are simplifying business processes and providing more insight to help improve quality, decrease the costs of maintenance, reduce downtime and increase on-time delivery. Traditional business management solutions are being overshadowed by modern ERP solutions and industry leaders are taking advantage of digitization to achieve operational excellence. In order to stay competitive, chemical distributors and manufacturers must ditch the old and embrace the new.

Choosing the right ERP for your chemical enterprise then becomes very critical, especially as outdated systems put the business at risk of poor inventory management, high stock-outs, unfulfilled customer orders, and ultimately being left behind. But the good news is the more complex the changes chemical enterprises encounter, the faster modern ERP and related chemical inventory management software are evolving to meet those challenges.

Educational Resources

To address the unique needs of the chemical world, we have compiled a number of resources that highlight the various chemical industry trends and showcase why Sage X3 is the digital platform of choice for chemical distributors and manufactures. These resources cover a wide range of topics including, how to comply with GHS and OSHA regulations, improving B2B online with eCommerce & Chemical ERP integration, and how to reduce turn rate, stock-outs and unfulfilled customer orders.

Browse the resources below to learn how with the right chemical management software, your chemical enterprise can streamline processes, increase profitability, and gain a competitive edge.