SAGE CRM R1 2013

Collaborate, share and work smarter with Sage CRM R1 2013

Benefits Snapshot

  • Sage CRM Builder
  • Enhanced Mobile CRM
  • Business wide collaboration with Yammer
  • Smarter business reporting

At Net at Work, we know the challenges growing businesses face. Sage CRM R1 2013 includes a range of new social, collaboration and mobile tools, which enable effective collaboration and increased productivity inside and outside your business. The latest release also includes Sage CRM Builder, which you can use to easily create business modules.

Adapt Sage CRM in five easy steps
Using our new Sage CRM Builder, you can easily extend Sage CRM to fit your business needs and, through simple point and click and drag and drop actions, you can build business modules in just five easy steps.

This added flexibility gives you the benefits of a single solution, which helps you to manage any area of your business and seize new opportunities.

Real-time data on the go with Mobile CRM
The enhanced mobile suite for Sage CRM R1 2013 now includes mobile apps for iPhone and Windows 8, Sage CRM Sales Lite for iPhone and Sage CRM Sales Tracker for Windows 8.

Sales teams can now use these dedicated apps to access their key opportunities, appointments and tasks. Your sales teams can map appointments and track key customer communications thanks to native iPhone integration. They can also access real-time data that gives them the confidence to manage business relationships, even when out of coverage.

Business collaboration made easy
We know how important collaboration is for business teams. This is why Sage CRM now features social-style collaboration features powered by Yammer. Your employees can now collaborate on Yammer Groups from within Sage CRM. This makes business conversations about opportunities, leads and support cases more social and transparent and provides greater visibility for all employees.

Social CRM now with Facebook
Sage CRM’s social suite now provides customer insights from Facebook, alongside integration with LinkedIn and Twitter. This gives you a complete picture of customer and prospect interactions. You can now use all three social media channels to listen, engage and learn about your customers and prospects, without ever having to leave Sage CRM.

Smarter business reporting
Thanks to Sage CRM’s innovative reporting features, you can:

  • Generate new and existing charts types in HTML5 (Flash not required)
  • Export faster, secure, customised reports, which are populated with the latest CRM information
  • Create rich graphic charts and visual reports with interactive graphs
  • Make informed decisions using at-a-glance business insights
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