SalesLogix Cloud

SaaS or On-premise CRM? With SalesLogix Cloud you get the best of both worlds – the flexibility and rapid time-to-value of traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, combined with the security and control of on-premise solutions.

Traditional SaaS CRM offerings have been great for businesses who want to reduce their IT burden, avoid capital expenditures, and get their CRM solution up and running quickly. But, many hosted SaaS solutions have disadvantages too, like being stuck with a proprietary platform, not being able to easily retrieve your valuable customer data, being locked into long contracts, and having to pay excessive costs for extra storage.

Leveraging the world-class Web platform, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud? (EC2?), SalesLogix Cloud offers you the best of on-premise and SaaS solutions?a full-featured, standards-based CRM solution with full ownership and control of your data combined with payment flexibility, access to data online, and the ability to get up and running quickly. And, with advanced customization capabilities, greater data storage, and more flexible subscription options than other CRM Cloud vendors, SalesLogix Cloud provides a better choice for your business.

SalesLogix Cloud Advantage

SalesLogix Cloud offers a truly unique value proposition. With SalesLogix Cloud, you get the best of both worlds – the flexibility and rapid time-to-value associated with traditional on-demand solutions, combined with the security and control associated with on-premise solutions.

As with traditional software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM solutions, with SalesLogix Cloud you benefit from reduced IT capital expenditures and operating costs, flexible payment options, and rapid start-up, but you also enjoy the following key benefits, unlike other popular on-demand CRM solutions:

Privacy and Security: With SalesLogix Cloud your data is not intermingled with the data from hundreds or even thousands of other companies in a single database. You have your own private and secure implementation of SalesLogix in the Cloud, accessible from any basic internet connection.

Extensive Data Storage: SalesLogix Cloud offers 100 GB of data storage for every 50 users of the system?far and away the most in the industry. This means you won’t have to worry about the excessive fees for extra storage that are common in the industry. Should you require extra storage down the road, it is available at extremely competitive rates.

Flexible Licensing and Payment Options: Not all businesses are the same. SalesLogix Cloud offers a variety of flexible product, license, and payment options?designed to fit your unique business requirements and financial preferences.

Upgrade Control: With SalesLogix Cloud you have control of upgrades, so you can perform them when it’s right for your business – not when the vendor decides.

Integration and Migration Capabilities: SalesLogix Cloud was built on a flexible, standards-based platform that enables integration with your other business management solutions, desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook and Office, and Web services for increased productivity and a holistic view of your customers. Should you later decide that you would like to bring your CRM solution on-premise, you can easily migrate your SalesLogix solution and protect the investment you have made. If you have already deployed SalesLogix on-premise, you can easily migrate your data to the Cloud – the choice is yours.


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