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emc captiva
Second only to your people, your information is your organization’s most important asset. EMC provides the technologies and tools that can help you release the power of your information. Net at Work can help you design, build and manage flexible, scalable and secure information infrastructures. And with these infrastructures, you’ll be able to intelligently and efficiently store, protect, and manage your information so that it can be made accessible, searchable, shareable and ultimately, actionable.

You can also use EMC information infrastructure as the foundation for implementing your information lifecycle management strategies, securing your critical information assets, leveraging your content for competitive advantage, automating your data center operations, reducing power and cooling costs, and more.

In short, with an information infrastructure, you can avoid the potentially serious risks and reduce the significant costs associated with managing information, while fully exploiting its value for business advantage.

EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender delivers:

Pain Point:

Handling paper is costly

  • Physical storage
  • Printing and shipping
  • Personnel

EMC Solves By:

Converting paper to digital form

  • Get rid of paper – where it makes sense
  • Easy access to information inside and outside the organization

Pain Point:

Manual processes are inefficient

  • Error-prone
  • Slow
  • Low productivity and high cost

EMC Solves By:

Automating business processes

  • Minimize manual data entry
  • Workflow routing for review & approval
  • No need for duplication of information

Pain Point:

Risk of non-compliance

  • Information is insecure
  • Hard to audit the access to information
  • What should be saved? For how long?

EMC Solves By:

Leveraging a common repository

  • User- and document-level security
  • Policies for retention and records management

Pain Point:

Solutions don’t fit

  • Feature/function overkill or too small
  • Budget and IT expertise mismatch
  • Acquisition and operational expense

EMC Solves By:

Aligning with mid-market needs

  • Full-featured “Capture – Process – Deliver”
  • Affordable, concurrent license model
  • Windows/.NET-optimized
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