Web Design

With backgrounds in print, interactive design and motion graphics our professional web design team has the skills and dedication to ensure that your project stands above the rest.

Motion Graphics

Animation, whether through Flash, video or other animation technologies, is often that crucial extra element that will engage your audience. Sometimes it may be the whole of a project, such as in the case of a flash banner or e-card. Whatever the project, it’s critical that your animation is captivating, well-timed and polished.

Motion design is a skill unto itself and requires its own expertise and commitment to the craft. Net at Work has been developing animation driven projects since our inception. We’ve developed a wide range of motion graphics including: peer-to-peer Flash based games, full Flash based promotional sites, Ajax driven user interfaces as well as e-cards and event presentations.

Interactive Design

Great design for the web is not just in how a site looks but in how engaging and satisfactory the site’s actual use is to your audience. By analyzing your branding needs, defining user goals and habits as well as delineating content priority we provide your audience with an engaging, clear and dependable experience. We ensure the most effective and consistent site structure, content placement, menus and labeling. We also make sure each site we create has a unique and consistent visual language for each project

Design for The Collaborative Web

We are passionate about delivering great design in one the of the most turbulent yet exciting of mediums: The collaborative web.
How do you create visually cohesive layouts when site content may be changed by you or your site members from hour-to-hour or new sections may dropped in “on the fly”?
The answer: planning, more planning and rules. Planning to define the content and navigation and how these will be expanded, added to or sometimes removed. Planning to manage user types and what they can do. Rules that allow privileged users to create and update content while not sabotaging the sites visual integrity and your brand online.

Online Branding

From creating elegant interface solutions for companies with an established style to complete re-branding efforts, we have done it all. If you need us to create a new logo, design a web-based ad campaign or simply work with your creative department to translate the brand to the web; we have the experience and skills you need.

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