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Management Processes

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More and more, distribution companies are having to manage contracts between the manufacturers they represent (suppliers) and the customers they sell those products to. In some industries this is referred to as rebate management, others call it customer pricing support (CUPS).

Most organizations manage these contracts manually – using spreadsheets – which is a complicated, slow and mistake-prone process that often leaves your money on the table.

Sage X3 Tips


Sage X3 ERP includes native rebate functionality which allows users to create a pricing rebate to the customer, or to the supplier, but the native functionality does not manage contract eligibility, or overlapping contracts between suppliers and customers, or pick the most lucrative contract.


Built for Sage X3, Net at Work’s Rebate Management solution provides the ability to set up rebate agreements and calculate and report rebates on sales transactions. In addition, it enables you to generate claims that book the financial impact, giving you control and a holistic view of the process.


  • Track rebates given for items sold.
  • Track multiple eligible contracts per product.
  • Select the most lucrative contract based on eligibility.
  • Calculate the impact of rebates on sales profit (and cost).
  • Calculate rebates using guaranteed profit percentage, amount flat rate per unit, or actual rebate per unit depending on your business needs.
  • Automatically create claims to the supplier based on a number of parameters.
  • Re-calculate rebates when rebates are modified or backdated.
  • Automated tracking of purchases and sales against agreements.
  • Automated accruals recording.
  • Automatic invoicing/supplier debits.
  • Extensive and granular reports.
  • A reliable and extensive audit trail.
  • Ability to track history/revision of contracts with your suppliers.


  • Manage contract eligibility by product group or specific products including date ranges.
  • Manage pricing/rebate contract agreements between customers AND vendors, based on sale or purchase of goods and services.
  • Assess impact of rebates on profitability.
  • Real-time view of rebates applied per transaction.
  • Simplified and more efficient processes due to automation.
  • Minimal disputes and easier identification of the causes of disputes through accurate audit trails, allowing for faster resolution.
  • Improved cash flow due to timely accurate rebate claims.
  • Improved margin due to more accurate rebate and pricing calculations.
  • Automating processes frees up finance and commercial teams to increase productivity in other areas.
  • Better supplier collaboration leading to improved profitability and growth.

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