Net at Work Amplifies the Long-term Success of Vcom IMC

While you may not be familiar with the name Vcom IMC, at least one of this company’s innovative products is in use in virtually every school building, university, government agency and broadcast facility in the country. Vcom IMC is a multimedia corporation whose well-known brands, including HamiltonBuhl, Comprehensive Cable and Alltec Screens, address diverse audio-visual, lighting, digital signage and connectivity needs. With 85 employees and over $25 million in annual revenues, Vcom IMC needs a powerful business management solution to power its operations—and for over a decade, Net at Work has been the company’s solution provider.


The company originally implemented Sage 500 as its ERP solution, engaging Net at Work as its technology partner. “Sage 500 worked well for us for a long time, but the product ultimately reached the end of its useful life,” recalls Randy Cole, CFO for Vcom IMC. “We were facing integration challenges, performance issues and we weren’t able to take advantage of new interfaces and technologies.”

Vcom IMC consulted with Net at Work about its options going forward and a clear successor emerged: Sage X3. “We trust Net at Work to help us make the right decisions,” says Cole. “They suggested we evaluate Sage X3. Once we saw it in action we knew it would be our best option.”

Net at Work’s consulting team spearheaded the conversion process, assisting in the migration of essential product, customer, supplier and general ledger data from Sage 500 to Sage X3. “The conversion went very smoothly,” Cole notes. “We went through an extensive test phase and then went live on Sage X3.”


With multiple brand divisions all operating under Sage X3, Cole appreciates the solution’s sophisticated multicompany and multidivision capabilities. “Allocations and consolidations are both straight forward and powerful,” he says. “Handling multiple entities can be complex, but Sage X3 minimizes that complexity while still supporting the functionality we need.”

“Net at Work has a deep understanding of our business, expert product knowledge and are complete professionals in every interaction.”

Workflows within Sage X3 are easily configurable to fit Vcom IMC’s unique processes.

“The whole system works for us, providing the insights and visibility we need,” Cole says. “I can drill down and around to connect distinct areas of information, giving me the complete picture of every transaction.”

For example, staff can review a sales transaction from the supplier purchase order to shipping documents, to invoicing and on through package tracking. “Also, throughout the application, we can attach related electronic documents to better inform our processes,” Cole adds. “This feature alone has been a game changer for us.”


Using Sage X3, Vcom IMC is digitally transforming its operations. Net at Work help vet and implement multiple third-party and Sage Endorsed applications that are proving invaluable, including Sage Sales Tax, along with solutions for credit card processing via their sister company Swype, EDI and shipping carrier integration.

“Sage X3 is powerful on its own, but the real value is in its integration capabilities,” explains Cole. “Previously we had synchronization issues with some third-party apps. With Sage X3, the integrations are seamless and occur in real time.”

It is this real time data accessibility and add-on functionality that Cole says is boosting productivity, automating previously-manual tasks and driving efficiency throughout the company’s operations.


Using the holistic view of business data Sage X3 provides, customer service staff responding to support calls can easily start by reviewing a shipment record, convert it into a return order and ultimately convert the return into a credit memo. “It’s intuitive and eliminates a lot of manual steps,” explains Cole. “We can service our customers more quickly and more accurately now.”

Vcom IMC performs light manufacturing and assembly of its audio-visual equipment, and has added Sage X3 manufacturing capabilities to support the activities. Staff creates work orders to communicate to the production team the products to be made, quantities and components needed as well as work centers involved.


“Over the course of two major implementations, Net at Work has earned our trust,” concludes Cole. “Net at Work has a deep understanding of our business, expert product knowledge and are complete professionals in every interaction. We value their recommendations and appreciate their contributions to our success.”


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