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Four Ways to Become a Technology-Driven Chemical Company

While chemical companies have a well-earned reputation for product innovation, they’ve typically taken a more, well, traditional approach to technology. Less than half of chemical companies have a defined digital strategy or digital transformation roadmap, putting the industry behind many,…


Reinstatement of Superfund Chemical Excise Tax:
New Sage X3 ERP Accounting and Calculation Functionality for the Chemicals Industry

Chemical companies need to prepare for the return of an excise tax on chemicals produced or imported that hasn’t been in effect for nearly 30 years.  In January 2022, the IRS published Notice 2021-66, related to the Infrastructure Investment and…

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How Chemical Companies Can Formulate
a Future-Proof Workforce

Embracing technology creates a culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest The American workforce — and its employers — has undergone transformational change over the past two-plus years. The chemical industry has felt the effects of these changes…


How Chemical Companies Can Mitigate the Impacts of the War in Ukraine

Earlier this year, as the world economy continued reopening, the US chemical industry was poised for a strong recovery. But just when chemical companies thought they could catch their breath, Russia sucked the air out of the room. How the…


Tips on Selecting the Right Partner for Your Chemical Manufacturing ERP Implementation

When chemical manufacturers are selecting an ERP solution and service provider, one size does not fit all. While the ERP software must address and satisfy chemical -specific needs for functionality, scalability, and complexity, the ERP service provider should have a…


Rebate Management: the “Secret” Ingredient for Driving Growth

Rebate programs are powerful tools for B2B companies in a broad swath of industries, particularly those where margins are tight and pricing strategies can make all the difference. When properly structured and implemented, they can establish market differentiators, create purchasing…


Help the Country Defeat the COVID-19 Pandemic

To defeat the COVID-19 pandemic our nation has to move critical raw materials faster and provide greater visibility and access to finished goods. Net at Work is proud to be associated with EchoSystem who is doing their part to assist…


Highlights: Specialty & Custom Chemicals America Conference

The Specialty & Custom Chemicals America conference took place this week at Omni Fort Worth Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. This bi-annual conference is primarily focused on the chemical technologies and products that have applications across a diverse range of…


Top Technologies Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry

The world is in the midst of what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and digital technology is upending every sector of the economy. Nowhere is this more obvious than in manufacturing, where everything from planning, design, and preorder…


The IoT Affect: Changing the Game for Manufacturers and Distributors

The spread of The Internet of Things (IoT) has reached critical mass. The manufacturing and distribution industries are leading in IoT and unsurprisingly so. One of the greatest benefits of the IoT is how it can dramatically improve operating efficiencies,…

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