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How to Select Your Next ERP Software System

Selecting your next ERP software system can become a complex decision. Taking an ad-hoc approach in your ERP selection process can result in significant unnecessary costs and interruptions to business productivity. In many cases, companies find themselves assessing ERP systems…


Knowing When and How to Leave Quickbooks

If you are running a small but growing business, chances are your finances are run in QuickBooks. It is equally likely that it’s no longer the best software for you to use, but how do you know when it’s time to switch and what exactly should you change to?

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Sage 300 ERP Tip: How to Reverse Receipts in AR

In Sage 300 ERP sometimes you need to reverse a payment, whether it’s because it got posted to the wrong customer, or the check did not go through. In this post we cover the step-by-step process on how to reverse a customer payment and put the invoice balance back on the books.


Utilizing Workflow Notifications in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 gives you the capability to create both workflow notification and events. Workflow notifications allow emails to be sent based on certain criteria within the system (alerts). Workflow events handle more complex rules, including signature approvals, within the…


Best Practices to Prepare for Natural or IT Disasters

With the potential impact of natural disasters and other disruptive events, you must be protected with a disaster, emergency response and business continuity plan. In a proper plan, 3 critical components that are planned for protection are People (employees, customers),…


Using Expression Builder To Refine Sage Abra Reports

When printing Sage Abra Suite reports, many users find they would like to filter the data in ways not available in the standard reports. It is relatively simple to change the data that prints using the Expression Builder in Visual…

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