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MAS 500 ERP Tips and Tricks

In this post we will review the steps required to process write offs in accounts receivable and accounts payable. We will also explain how a closeout transaction is created in work order transaction inquiry Tip #1 – How To Process…


Sage MAS 500 ERP v.7.40 – Release Q2 2011

Sage ERP MAS 500 Version 7.4 is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2011. Workflow enhancements across a range Of modules make for smoother, faster processing. The release is packed with usability enhancements designed to create smoother, yet…

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ePortal for MAS 500

ePortal for MAS 500 provides an intuitive extension to MAS 500 in the form of browser based solution. This product can empower your customers, salespeople and customer service representatives to increase their efficiency and productivity in order to boost your…


Key Business Information on the Fly – The Key to Success in 2011

Are you looking for a way to get more on top of your business? A system that keeps you informed no matter where you are or what you are doing? A fast, easy to use system that can get you…


Processing 2010 1099’s in MAS 500

January 31st is not far off and we all know what that means – it is almost time to process 1099’s. Sage MAS 500 supports paper and electronic filing and the following forms: 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, and 1099-MISC. Before processing 1099’s…


Calculating Use Tax With Sage MAS 500 ERP

Use Tax is imposed by states to collect tax revenue on sales that do not take place in their state. The tax is meant to ensure that all purchases are taxed, whether purchased locally or from out-of-state sellers. Most states…


eBusiness Suite Powered By RKL eSolutions

Sage is retiring the eCustomer and eSalesforce modules for Sage ERP MAS 500 and is replacing them with eBusiness Suite powered by RKL eSolutions, a Sage Endorsed Solution. Like eCustomer and eSalesforce, the eBusiness Suite enables 24/7 eCommerce access for…


Effective Inventory Management With MAS 500

As the competition for customers grows, distributors find themselves faced with shrinking profit margins. In this environment, carefully managing stock levels and understanding the true profitability of each product becomes critical. In this article, we examine best practices for analyzing…


30 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sage MAS 500 ERP

Are you still running on an older version of Sage MAS 500? Studies show many choose not to upgrade due to concerns over the cost and effort involved. However, because every release is designed to streamline workflow, save you time…


Sage MAS 500 ERP User Group Meeting – NY. Key Discussion: Sage MAS intelligence

Sage MAS 500 ERP users please join us in New York City on Wednesday, October 13 for our quarterly complimentary User Group at the New Yorker Hotel on 34th and 8th Ave. This meetings featured discussion topic will be: Who…


Advanced Planning And Scheduling Module in MAS 500 ERP

How efficient is your manufacturing operation? Must your production managers maintain laborious spreadsheets to plan production? How often are orders late because someone forgot to schedule an operation? The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module in Sage ERP MAS 500…


New Reporting tool for Sage MAS 500 ERP. FRx Replacement

When Microsoft announced the retirement of the FRx financial reporting software, which has for many years been included with Sage ERP MAS 500, Sage began searching for a replacement. Sage ERP MAS Intelligence has been identified as the ideal FRx…


Sage MAS 500 ERP Product Roadmap

Sage recently has published a Product Roadmap for Sage ERP MAS 500. In this post we’ll provide an overview of the roadmap, as well as highlights of current and upcoming releases, including Product Update 3, released in May 2010. Sage…


Sage MAS 500 ERP User Group in New York City

MAS 500 users please join us in New York on Wednesday, June 9 other for our quarterly complimentary User Group at the New Yorker Hotel on 34th and 8th Ave. This meetings featured topic is Crystal Reports: a) Amending MAS…

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