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Key Strategies to Grow Profits in Manufacturing

Many growing manufacturing businesses operate with fixed budgets and finite resources. Forced to put out daily fires, fulfill the most pressing customer requests and manage customer issues, managers don’t always have the time or energy to develop—and put into action—new…


NetSuite 2020 Release 2 Helps Fortify Warehouse and Ecommerce Operations for Wholesale Distributors

Warehouse operations is one of the key differentiators for wholesale distributors and, as many distributors suddenly find themselves with excess inventory, managing those goods will be more important than ever. Meanwhile, Bank of America expects Amazon Business to capture 10%…

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2020 ERP Market Trends, Data and Analysis

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the key to integrating different business functions across an organization. The widespread growth of ERP system adoption illustrates the importance of ERP to successful businesses. Why have ERP systems gained such popularity? Because…


New NetSuite App Helps Customers Safely and Efficiently Reopen

Oracle NetSuite today released a new solution to help organizations protect their workforce and communities as the economy begins to reopen. The new Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp helps NetSuite customers create, track and record the in-person interactions of people suspected…


7 Actions Distributors Need to Take Now to Reopen

As the U.S. continues to reopen the economy, no one knows for certain what the new normal for distributors will look like. There have been unprecedented shifts in consumer habits. Distributors in every sector have been affected, with some seeing…


Mastering eCommerce and Omnichannel as a Distributor

Wholesale customers want and expect the same kind of convenience and immediate gratification that you want as a consumer. Meeting these demands is difficult using antiquated, disparate systems that weren’t designed to tackle the rigors of today’s eCommerce and Omnichannel…


Reducing Business Uncertainty During Challenging Times

All major crises change things in the short term, and then for the long term. Managing through uncertainty is an art and a science. Keep tight control of cash and an eagle eye on the balance sheet. Listen to employees,…


The Paycheck Protection Program: Where It Stands Now and How to Apply for a Loan

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), by which the federal government approved loans for small businesses hit by COVID-19, ran out of money on April 16. The Small Business Administration (SBA) posted a note on its website saying it is no…


SBA Loans: Where the Program Stands Now

On Thursday, the Small Business Administration (SBA) posted a note explaining it is no longer accepting applications for its Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) related to COVID-19. By now, many growing businesses in the U.S. are familiar with the EIDL….


A List of Business Relief Resources Amid Coronavirus

Businesses are facing extreme economic challenges and uncertainty due to the coronavirus. In response, financial relief and loan programs at the federal and state level aim to meet the needs of small businesses, which total over 30 million and account…

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