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Creating Multiple Prepayments for Purchase Orders in Sage X3

How to avoid the error message “Order Partially or totally invoiced” In a previous edition of the X3 Insider, we reviewed how to set up prepayments on purchase orders in Sage X3. In this post, we will explore creating multiple…


Acumatica Quick Tips Video: Modifying User Interface and Renaming Terms

In this video we go over renaming and moving workspaces to fit your needs in Acumatica Cloud ERP. We also discuss how to change terminologies on a screen. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like more information…

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Adding Fees or Surcharges in Sage X3 Based on Customer/Product Price List

In this blog post, we’ll review how to setup a fuel surcharge at a detail level by product and customer in Sales Price List and print the amount as an additional Invoicing Element on the Invoice Footer. This process applies…


Before You Forget About 1099s Until Next Year

While filing 1099s is still fresh in your mind, have you changed the default on you BP supplier’s 1099 form from MISC/Box 7 to form NEC/Box 1? Yes, that 1099-NEC will be around for the 2021 fillings. It won’t be…


Understanding Customer Credit Limits and Currency in Sage X3

A critical part of managing risk within an organization is managing the credit available to customers. If you give a customer who may not be in the best financial position credit terms, or too much credit, you may have a…


Buy One, Get One Free – Adding Free Products to Your Sage X3 Order

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) pricing is a useful tool to encourage more sales of a product. When a customer purchases a certain quantity of one product, they get one or more of the same or a different product…


Section 179 & Advantages of Making Business Technology Purchases Before Year-End 2020

If you’re considering a software or hardware purchase, but just haven’t been able to pull the trigger – ask your tax advisor about Section 179 and the benefits of making purchases before December 31, 2020. Or, contact Net at Work…


Acumatica Cloud ERP Budgets Training

In this video we’ll go over how to set up budgets in Acumatica Cloud ERP. We also dive into how to compare budgets with previous years inside the Acumatica system. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like…


How to Install and Manage Sage X3 Add-Ins in Microsoft Office

When you enable an add-in, it adds custom commands and new features to Microsoft Office programs that help increase your productivity. In this blog post, we’ll review how to install the Sage X3 Add-In for MS Excel and what to…


How to Configure User Security in Acumatica Cloud ERP

In this video we cover how to configure user security in Acumatica Cloud ERP by looking into security preferences, Roles, Access History and much more. These setting allow you to choose how often an employee has to change their password…

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