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Sage X3 2023 End User Group: New Jersey Recap

Net at Work recently held an End User Group for our clients that were within a short trip to New Jersey.  It was a great meeting with lots of fantastic feedback, idea sharing, and networking. To those there, it was…


How Your Finance Department Can Innovate with Automation This Year

Automation is a key part to transforming finance. In fact, automation has become a top priority for finance leaders in 2023. Automation allows finance teams the flexibility and efficiency to automate the tedious, time-consuming tasks and dedicate more time to…

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Net at Work Awarded Sage Enterprise Intelligence 2022 North America Partner of the Year

2022 was a record-setting year for Nectari & Sage Enterprise Intelligence sales around the globe. Thanks is part to Net at Work who was recognized as Nectari’s top North America sales partner for 2022. INTIUTIVE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FULLY INTEGRATED WITH SAGE…


Simplifying and Securing Attachments in Sage X3

Files can be attached to any standard Sage X3 object-based function such as Sales Orders, Customers, Invoices, etc. through the Attachments button. With Sage X3 2022 R4 (12.0.32), Sage introduced some changes to the attachments option which can be enabled…


Sage X3 2022 Team Meeting: Recap

The Net at Work Sage X3 team held our multi-day team offsite event this week, and it was packed full of team building, fun and celebrating! The Sage X3 team met to collaborate and learn from each other and our…


What’s New in Sage X3? Exploring 2022 R3

Sage recently released Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R3 with some nice new features and enhancements to existing features. In this blog post, we’ll review the capabilities delivered by some of the key new features & enhancements in this latest…


How to Create a Fixed Asset Group Association in Sage X3

A feature of fixed assets that is not used often is the Fixed Asset Group.  Setting up and managing fixed assets by group will ease data entry and provide more granular financial tracking by asset type.  Read this blog post…


Exploring the Folder Sizing Tool in Sage X3

Hello readers, today’s blog post is about a sizing tool for endpoints, specifically when creating a new one. The tool will generate a “worst case scenario” for folder size based on the saved folder information in the general parameters, folder…


Reinstatement of Superfund Chemical Excise Tax:
New Sage X3 ERP Accounting and Calculation Functionality for the Chemicals Industry

Chemical companies need to prepare for the return of an excise tax on chemicals produced or imported that hasn’t been in effect for nearly 30 years.  In January 2022, the IRS published Notice 2021-66, related to the Infrastructure Investment and…


Using Reporting Trees in Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Reporting trees help define the structure and hierarchy of your organization. A reporting tree is a cross-dimensional hierarchical structure that is based on the dimensional relationships in your financial data. It provides information at the reporting unit level and at…


Workflows for Stock Accounting Interface and WIP Accounting Interface Errors in Sage X3

In this blog post we will show you how to create a workflow that will email log files when errors occur in either the Stock Accounting Interface or the WIP Accounting Interface. Accounting Interface errors occur when, for example, an…


Accounting for an Invoice in Sage X3 When the Goods Haven’t Been Received

Finance departments spend a lot of time determining which items need to be accrued for at the end of a period. In the majority of cases, the reason for an accrual is because goods/services have been received but not yet…


What’s New in Sage X3? Exploring V12 2022 R1

Sage recently released Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R1 with some nice new features and enhancements to existing features. In this blog post, we’ll review the capabilities delivered by some of the key new features & enhancements in this latest…


How to Reopen a Closed Fiscal Year in Sage X3

It is a common practice to need to post a financial entry to a closed fiscal year. In Sage X3, you can easily reopen a fiscal year, but you must edit your new period (NP) journal entries before you do…

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