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New Features for Bad Debt Management in Sage X3

Bad debt is a contingency that must be accounted for by all businesses who extend credit to customers, as there is always a risk that payment will not be received.  The latest release of Sage X3 has new features to…


5 Ways Graphic Design is a Powerful Tool for Your Business

  Download the free guide Graphic design is much more than attractive imagery. Graphic design is a powerful marketing tool. When people think of design, they usually imagine pretty pictures or attention-grabbing colors. What many people don’t realize is that design…

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Adding Fees or Surcharges in Sage X3 Based on Customer/Product Price List

In this blog post, we’ll review how to setup a fuel surcharge at a detail level by product and customer in Sales Price List and print the amount as an additional Invoicing Element on the Invoice Footer. This process applies…


Before You Forget About 1099s Until Next Year

While filing 1099s is still fresh in your mind, have you changed the default on you BP supplier’s 1099 form from MISC/Box 7 to form NEC/Box 1? Yes, that 1099-NEC will be around for the 2021 fillings. It won’t be…


Understanding Customer Credit Limits and Currency in Sage X3

A critical part of managing risk within an organization is managing the credit available to customers. If you give a customer who may not be in the best financial position credit terms, or too much credit, you may have a…


Help When You Need It: Sage X3 Support on YouTube

Need help with your Sage X3 ERP software? Now you can find answers to your Sage X3 questions on the Sage X3 Support YouTube channel. The Sage X3 Support YouTube channel offers short how-to videos that help you with common…


Sales Pricing: Managing Fees & Charges with Invoicing Elements

Sage X3 permits the calculation of sales price information based on several factors including product, customer, quantity purchased and discounts. In addition to charging the customer for products & services, it is common to levy additional fees affecting the determination…


Tax Included Pricing in Sage X3

In some legislations/geographies and for some products, our clients need to include sales tax in their prices within Sage X3. The “Price/Amount Type” flag determines if the prices of products (Sales Invoices) and amounts (Customer BP Invoices) are expressed excluding…


New and Improved Sage Knowledgebase for Sage X3

Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) just got a major redesign—complete with an updated interface and additional features. What’s New in Sage Knowledgebase? In addition to a cleaner look and easier navigation, the improved Sage KB now offers: Compliance with Web Content…


The Power of the STOADMIN Parameter

Periodically in Support, we receive queries on how the allocation or management rules could have been “violated” for a product. For example: product in “R” (rejected) status was issued even though setup does not authorize delivery of status “R” stock….

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