Taking Telework Cybersecurity to New Levels:
How to Secure Every Device, Everywhere

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Amid the global increase in remote work driven by the Coronavirus pandemic users are increasingly susceptible to attacks through malware, phishing, and targeted threats.

Perimeter security deployed at the office is no longer enough to adequately defend your employees in this new environment.

Net at Work will host cybersecurity and Cisco experts for a webcast discussion covering these topics and more:

  • Navigating Cybersecurity during a Pandemic
  • The challenges facing today’s security professionals
  • Simple actions you can take to reduce malware and secure the expanded remote workforce
  • How to rapidly deploy an additional layer of defense against cyberthreats with Cisco Umbrella
  • Protect, detect, and respond to advanced threats for remote workers anytime, anywhere using Advance Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints

A Net at Work partner, Cisco Umbrella is the leading provider in network security and Domain Name System (DNS) services enabling the world to connect to the internet with confidence on any device.

Recorded Webinar

Taking Telework Cybersecurity to New Levels

It is the easiest way to protect all your employees, no matter where they work from. With no hardware to install and no software to manually update ongoing management is simple.

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