Taking the “C” out of CRM

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Not too long ago, I (virtually) met with a client of mine, who was telling me about all the frustrations their team is experiencing with their current ‘issue tracking tool’. She detailed all the enhancements her team had been asking for, such as improved visibility into customer information; simplified data entry process, historical data presence, tracking ability, reviewing user performance and availability, scheduling services, dashboards for key indicators, mobile usage, etc. While I was listening all I could think of was “CRM can do that!”, and my thoughts were interjected by her question: Can you recommend some tools that can do all of that for us? Tools, I said? The only TOOL I can think of is CRM. I was stopped right there saying that they do not need a sales tool, since they are not selling anything. Well, that’s where I started on my story about how CRM is so much more than Sales.

It is a great Sales tool, there is no doubt about it, however, Dynamics CRM is capable of so much more than the ‘traditional’ contact repository or selling functions. I can go into hundreds of the CRM functionalities, but I would like to stick to the story and emphasize a few that will help you get your mind off of the “C” in CRM!

  • Central Data Repository – one unified system that touches on all customer points from every department, so Customer Service has visibility on the Sales and vice versa. (Left hand is aware of the right hand’s actions).
  • Streamline data entry processes to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Keep historical records from day one, and access the same with one click
  • Track progress on all levels, from a lead all the way to sales, and from reporting an issue all the way to resolution
  • Track user performance and oversee results (act as a ‘Big Brother’ if/when needed)
  • Schedule resources, based on availability and skills, with a click of a button
  • Build and access Dashboards based on different key metrics for visual interpretation of current data
  • Data access via phone and tablet, even when you have no network coverage

I can go on and on, on how CRM can be utilized to improve business processes and efficiency, and how it can help in increasing your profitability and letting you focus on the customer relationships that matter. CRM should work for you, not the other way around!