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Alan Lacher

Chief Professional Services Officer

Alan’s main duties as Chief Professional Services Officer include driving growth and introducing innovative, transformative programs that will unleash the power and performance of Net at Work’s many and diverse client’s businesses.

Alan brings a wealth of experience building and leading high-performance service organizations in the enterprise software space. He has an extensive background designing and delivering enterprise technology solutions and has experience across a broad range of professional disciplines including: strategy development, operational leadership and business development.

Alan began his career at Accenture as a process engineer and has served in management and leadership roles at WinMill Software, Vitech Systems Group, and most recently as Division President at Custom Computer Specialists. As a native New Yorker, Alan lives on Long Island with his wife and two daughters (along with their dog Gabby).  He is an avid runner, golfer and biker, and loves to cook when he can find the time.