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Uri Weis

Chief Technology Officer

Uri Weis utilized his professional training in Electric Engineering while serving in the Army as an instructor of electrical and electronic systems, as well as a technician in a physics lab gathering telemetry and physical measurement data for additional computer analysis. After his military service, while attending university, he worked as a field engineer servicing advanced analog and digital circuitry in nuclear medicine systems in various hospitals. After completing his degree in Electrical Engineering, Uri started a MicroAge franchise with three partners. Later on, Uri decided to apply his knowledge of the computer service, consulting and software business by joining Alex and Edward Solomon to build Net at Work.

At Net at Work, Uri designed and implemented the infrastructure that has been flexible enough to support multiple locations and hundreds of users. He also designed and implemented an IP telephony system that allows employee access from any internet access point. He has hired and trained engineering support staff. Uri is responsible for presale consulting and solution architecture. Additionally, he does vendor product review and selection for best of breed solutions, and brings significant expertise in communications and connectivity, virtualization, storage, redundancy, cloud solutions and disaster recovery.