The Benefits Of Integrating CRM with Sage ERP MAS 90/200

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Sage CRM is an easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management system designed to help you build long-lasting customer loyalty and generate repeat sales. Built-in tools allow you to analyze, forecast,  and report on key sales data. Marketing automation allows you to create, schedule, and track marketing campaigns. By integrating SageCRM with Sage ERP MAS 90 or Sage ERP MAS 200 you gain a complete view of your customer interactions, and the opportunity to develop custom workflows throughout SageCRM and Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Sales Force Automation
Visual tools make it easy to manage all of your current and historical account details, activities, and opportunities. Built-in tools allow you to automatically distribute leads to your sales professionals based on criteria you define. Point-and-click reporting and graphs give sales teams access to real-time data for on-the-spot analysis and evaluation.

Marketing Automation
Powerful yet easy-to-use marketing tools make it a simple matter to schedule and track marketing activities within a campaign. Each detail of a campaign and the results can be made visible, providing a single source of prospect information to eliminate guesswork.

Customer Care Automation
Real-time access to a complete view of customer data–including purchase, call, and escalation history, support cases, e-mail messages, and sales opportunities–provides powerful assistance in the critical process of building and managing lasting customer relationships. SageCRM workflows make it easy to create customized, automated escalation processes.

Microsoft Outlook Integration
SageCRM is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Changes made in Outlook are synchronized to ensure they are appropriately reflected in SageCRM.

A Global View
SageCRM is a great productivity tool for sales and marketing staff, but the benefits go beyond customer-facing teams. The integration of data across all of your business processes can transform your business as your staff works together more effectively and harmoniously. Time previously spent re-entering data is saved and accuracy is improved. Your team is able to accurately identify customer requirements and fulfill them quickly and profitably.

Integration with your financial system allows accounting staff to access the critical customer information usually held within the sales department. Overdue funds can be reduced, as your credit and collections and sales teams have access to the same financial information that enables them to collect outstanding debt.

Effective Process Management
Integrating SageCRM with Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 supports your organization in managing the entire process of customer acquisition–from initial marketing campaigns and lead generation, through the process of quoting and winning the order, and finally to fulfillment and customer service.

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