The Challenges of Implementing CRM at CPA Firms

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Last week I had a discussion with Seth Fineberg, Technology Editor at Accounting Today, on why CPAs need to consider adopting CRM. Courtesy of, the conversation overview and Podcast is below.

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Customer relationship management has clearly evolved from both a cost and technological This has slowly begun to change as client retention has become more of a priority and CPAs begin to understand what CRM can do for them now and in the future.

This interview with Danny Estrada, CRM practice director at Sage Software reseller and technology consultant Net at Work, discusses why CPAs need to consider adopting CRM, the barriers to entry, and the challenges that remain. As he explains, “If a firm is to survive and to thrive, it’s the firm that has the ability to embrace technology in a way that makes them better companies.”

[Listen to Podcast] Why CPAs need to Consider Adopting CRM


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