Return Materials Authorization Module in Sage Accpac

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We have all heard the saying that it is easier to retain a good customer than find a new one. In the current marketplace customers have choices, so the fastest way to lose a customer is to deliver a poor customer experience. One aspect of excellent customer service is a no-hassle return policy. If returns are efficiently managed, you can keep costs to a minimum while still keeping your customers happy. The Sage ERP Accpac Return Materials Authorization (RMA) module helps you do just that.

Centralized Returns Management

Not only can the RMA module streamline the process of authorizing and receiving returns, seamless integration with other Sage ERP Accpac modules keeps your inventory accurate and provides complete workflow for items to be repaired, replaced, or returned to the supplier. Full process automation assures customer returns are handled rapidly.

RMA Workflow

The power of the RMA module starts with a customer’s return request. You can generate return authorization documents to provide personalized instructions for the customer. The system assigns a unique number that is tracked through all activities associated with the return. When a customer is returning multiple items, you can process the return quickly by generating the RMA from the original customer invoice and removing the items that are not being returned. If a customer is returning items from multiple invoices, the RMA module can handle them on a single document. Serial and lot tracking allow you to accurately record the product being returned. Once you receive the items, you can generate an Order Entry Credit note with the click of a button. If you are sending a replacement, you can create the Order Entry replacement order directly from the RMA screen. You also can flag an item to be repaired and returned to the customer, or create a purchase order return to send it on to your supplier for replacement or repair. You can do all these things from the RMA entry screen with just the click of your mouse.

Track And Bill For Repairs

Items being returned may be under a warranty provided by either your own organization or a supplier. The RMA module can handle both of these situations. In some situations, you may need to send the product out to a third-party repair agent. The RMA module keeps track of these agents, so you never lose track of a customer’s product. For items damaged in shipping, RMA offers a centralized place to record and track insurance claims made against shipping carriers.

Tailor RMA To Your Company

Setup options allow you to define return policies for your items and any restocking fees or miscellaneous charges to be applied. RMA documents can be formatted to fit your needs, and you can define a default expiration period for RMAs. User-definable status codes allow you to designate codes that make sense for your company and products.

Reason Tracking And Analysis

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an automated RMA system is the insight you can gain into the reasons for returns. Tracking and analyzing the reasons for returns will allow you to take corrective action to prevent future incidents. The Fault Analysis report helps you quickly identify product faults and take corrective action to eliminate repeat returns. Here are some examples of the actions you might take based on the insights you gain:

  • You may discover that a large percentage of defective items come from a particular vendor and change your supplier.
  • If a manufactured item is often returned for defects in the finish, you might replace tools or materials involved in the process.
  • If a particular item is returned with greater frequency than others, but for no specific reason, you may choose to remove it from your product line.

Effective Reporting

A variety of reports help you manage returns. The Credit Note report evaluates the revenue impact of returns. Customer and Item Return Rate reports allow you to identify problem customers and items and take corrective action. The External Status and Workflow Stage report provides accurate tracking of items sent out for repair. The Open/Closed Status report shows you outstanding RMAs.

Security And Fraud Prevention

The RMA module contains built-in controls to prevent abuse of the system. The system checks to see if an item has already been returned, or if a Credit Note has already been issued, ensuring the same item is not credited twice. For security and control, you can designate the employees who are allowed to authorize returns.

If you would like to process claims faster, track inventory with greater accuracy, and optimize customer service performance give us a call to schedule a demonstration of the RMA module for Sage ERP Accpac.