Turning Your Field Service Operations Into a Profit Center

By: | Category: CRM

In many service organizations the field service division can quickly become a cost center, and today many field service organizations are focused on transitioning their field service operations from one that costs money to one that that creates revenue and profit for them.

But this cost to profit transition cannot happen unless companies clearly define the relationship between service and sales, since service has a direct impact on sales being that sales operations are relationship-driven. In order to transform any field service operations into a profit center, service departments need to provide high-quality service that supports and accelerates sales, and boosts productivity and efficiency.

We recently posted an eBook in our learning center that outlines nine ways in which companies can move their field service operations from a ‘cost center’ to a ‘profit center.’ But it starts with understanding your value, as revenue and profits essentially come from having a valuable service or product that people will want to pay for. What’s also clear is that service must be treated as its own business line, i.e. for field service to be viewed as a profit center, it needs to be treated as a profit center.

Access the full eBook here to uncover other ways you can transform your FSO into a revenue generator, with field service solutions, including why you should relentlessly focus on customer experience, mobile technology and Internet of Things integration.