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Why Net at Work is the Sage X3 Partner of Choice

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An award-winning Sage X3 partner, the Net at Work team is far more than just solution experts and consultants. We’re problem-solvers, promise-keepers and the trusted partner our clients call first for perspectives on, and solutions to, their business plans and hurdles. Our Sage X3 team solves problems across the entire enterprise and understands the big picture of how systems, software and people all need to work together. As much as the software and services we deliver, it’s the relationships our team forms that allow us to partner with organizations to truly unleash the power of business.

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We’ve compiled a Top 10 List of reasons why you should choose Net at Work as your Sage X3 consultant and partner, whether you’re an existing user of Sage X3, or you are considering it as the next ERP (and last one you will ever need) for your business.

1. Consultants with Real-World Expertise

We are and have always been a Business Management consulting firm. It’s in our DNA. Our consultants draw from decades of real-world experience in the industries they are now advising. More than half of our consultants come from management positions in your industries – managers, COOs, CFOs, etc. – so they know your business. This is important because we are not thinking of “how do we do this in Sage X3?” but, “is this right for the business?” and “can we recommend a new way of looking at processes based on best practices in Sage X3”?

Hear from Nicolette Kavanagh, VP Operations, Starborn Industries about her experience working with Net at Work.

Want to hear more about working with Net at Work? Click here for more videos.

2. Deep Bench of Development and Technical Resources

Net at Work’s ERP expertise runs deep—over two decades—and we back it up with an even deeper bench of talent. Our teams’ years of experience with business applications means clients profit from a tenured team with competency across ERP, CRM, Cloud, etc. With deep expertise in technology consulting, ERP implementation, IT management, software development and integration, we help you solve complex business problems with technology solutions that make sense.

3. Your Emergency is Our Emergency

Run by serial entrepreneurs, Net at Work goes above and beyond to respond to our clients. We know that we are supporting your business-critical applications and if there is an urgent issue, we need to move now. One of our clients even accused us of “babying” them – and they didn’t want it to stop. We are available at all hours – when you need us, we are there.

4. Consultative Portfolio Management

We can be your “one-stop shop” for all your business and technology needs. Whether it’s outsourced CIO services, cloud hosting, e-commerce, HR solutions, or credit card processing, we do it all in-house. We offer truly consultative client relationship services at NO CHARGE, meeting with your steering team every 2-4 weeks to consult on business challenges. This is above and beyond traditional “account management” services. We have researched and partnered with the best technology solutions and have an extensive ecosystem so we always have the best offering for your specific business need to help unleash the power of your business. And since we are not tied to any software publisher exclusively, we give you unbiased feedback and offer you the best solution for your business.

5. Local and Remote Assistance

Although generally speaking, knowledge is more important than proximity, there are times when you need that “local” presence. With experts in 35 states and 18 offices throughout the U.S., there is always someone that can come to your office and provide one on one training and support – without breaking the bank in travel costs.

6. We Are YOUR Advocate

Not to brag, but when we talk, Sage listens. We are the largest Sage partner in the US representing the largest slice of Sage revenue globally. If you have a problem with your system, Net at Work will be your advocate. We escalate mission critical issues with incredible success working with the appropriate teams at Sage – from account management, to product management, and support.

7. We Have You Covered in the Cloud

Net at Work offers one of the industry’s most sophisticated private cloud hosting options. Our Cloud at Work division can virtualize ALL of your applications into a secure data center with multiple redundancy options and server management services included. This moves our clients beyond multi-tenant and single-tenant offerings by other providers and even Sage themselves. This kind of flexibility in the cloud with application support rolled in, cannot be matched.

8. Service Tailored for You

Net at Work offers multiple service plans that allow you to tailor support to your business needs. Tiered rates based on experience allow us to create the best mix of resources to maximize your application service budget and ensure you obtain the quality work you expect at a price you can afford. Instead of relying on a helpdesk that doesn’t know your or your systems, you can rely on Net at Work.

9. On Time and On Budget

Our team makes sure that your project is well scoped so we can deliver on time and on budget. Their main priority is to catch issues BEFORE they arise. Before you invest a dime, we invest in YOU. We analyze your business challenges and provide concrete answers to your questions. We set proper expectations so you can be confident that the end result will be what we both envision.

10. We Help You Unleash the Power of YOUR Business!

This is not just our motto, it is our mantra and war-cry! We cannot be successful unless our clients are successful. We measure our success through yours. We are extremely focused on ROI and making sure that your technology spend translates into increasing the bottom line for your business!

We’re about solving your business challenges.

Net at Work combines technology and business expertise with exceptional care and communications to build long-term, trusted relationships. Ready to unleash your business? Contact us.