Update on FRx Financial Reporting Replacement Options for MAS 500 (becoming Sage 500)

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Last month Net at Work held its quarterly MAS 500 (becoming Sage 500 ERP) end user meeting where we presented two potential FRx replacement reporting solutions. This being a critical issue for most businesses using Sage ERP MAS 500, the attendance included several members from 25+ companies. After a short introductory session, representatives from Renovo and Biznet took turns demonstrating their products to the audience. The two products provided two different options for replacing of FRx.

Presenting first, Renovo showed a web based product with the same look and feel as FRx but with many new features and functionalities that users have been asking for over the years. With the use of Rows, Columns and Organizations components, Renovo Vice President Spencer Kuo demonstrated how the product provides the flexibility of FRx, but with additional features like easier consolidation, COA structures and data sources in a single report. One feature favored by many attendees is the ability to convert your FRx reports to Renovo.

Next up was Biznet – an Excel based reporting tool. Though it has a different feel from that of the FRx product, many attendees liked the flexibility and comfort level that the Excel based product provides. Biznet easily adds formulas to reports and flexibly brings data from the sub-modules. For BizNet, a feature that stood out for many was the ease of pulling data from one format of the report to the other.

After both presentations were completed, we held a Q&A session along with individual one-on-ones with end users. As of this time Net at Work has started a series of one-on-one demos for clients that attended the meeting.  Additionally, we held a live webcast online that provided the same information for those that were unable to attend the end-user group meeting in New York City.  This session was recorded so if you were not able to attend either meeting please contact your MAS 500 Account Manager, Tom Dieterle at 646.293.1786 or via email so that he can provide you with a link to watch the Biznet and Renovo for MAS 500 webcast at your convenience.