Utilizing Workflow Notifications in Sage ERP X3

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Sage ERP X3 gives you the capability to create both workflow notification and events. Workflow notifications allow emails to be sent based on certain criteria within the system (alerts). Workflow events handle more complex rules, including signature approvals, within the system.

Below are a few examples of ways you could utilize workflow notifications:

  • Alert the sales and accounts departments when a key customer places an order that goes on credit hold.
  • Alert an inventory manager when a newly allocated item causes available stock to fall below its reorder point.
  • Alert a purchasing agent that a sales order line requires a direct purchase order to be issued, or informing a production manager that an order line requires a new work order to be set up.
  • Alert a sales manager and track when orders for a specific sales representative falls below the targeted gross margin values.

Some examples of ways in which you could incorporate workflow events in your system are:

  • Update data in your Sage ERP X3 database
  • Execute a batch task or an import
  • Print a report
  • Set signature circuits

Pre-configured workflows are available to help you get started. Please call us if you would like assistance setting up workflow notifications or events in Sage ERP X3.

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