What’s New in Sage X3? Exploring 2022 R3

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Sage recently released Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R3 with some nice new features and enhancements to existing features. In this blog post, we’ll review the capabilities delivered by some of the key new features & enhancements in this latest release. For a full description of all the new features and enhancements delivered with this release please refer to the What’s New section of the Sage X3 Online help center.

NOTE: The content of this blog post was originally posted in the Sage X3 Online Help Center in August 2022.


In the VAT entities function (GESVATGRP), select the Enable VAT on payments checkbox to display the related fields in the VAT returns function (GESVFE). If this checkbox is not selected, the fields are hidden.


Sage X3 Mobile Automation

Purchase receipt transaction
In the Purchase receipt transaction, you can search a product using the product supplier code or the supplier UPC code.

Unlink an LPN
You can now use the LPN unlinking transaction to unlink stock lines from a License plate number.


Sage X3 Mobile Automation

Time tracking
For an improved user experience, a new Mobile Automation Time tracking transaction has been enhanced to track time for an unplanned operation. A Standard operation can also be selected as an unplanned operation.

Material consumption enhancements
The Mobile Automation material consumption functionality has been enhanced to only display lots and sublots available in stock when selecting lots and sublots for a component.

Sage X3 Web Scheduling

New sedApta version : 2022
This release introduces a new brand interface with a simpler installation package. For pre-installation recommendations please visit the Sage X3 Online help center.


To enhance your user experience, a number of add-ins have been delivered with the Sage X3 platform, including:

Notification server
Notifiction server screen enhancements hve been made, there are also new transport types for the notification server and workflow emails.

File Uploads – Invalid Characters
To improve accuracy and save time, an error displays when you upload files with invalid characters.


Enhancements have been made to the Sage X3 GraphQL schema to add various nodes and properties, find below. For more information and supporting materials, please click here.

  • Attribute values for Finite scheduler
  • Finite scheduler custom values
  • Managing deletions for Finite scheduler
  • Optimization matrices for Finite scheduler
  • Setup matrix for Finite scheduler
  • Setup time exception lines for Finite scheduler
  • Work order link for Finite scheduler
  • Time Entry Line (mutation)

Sage X3 Automated Test Platform

Enhancements have been made to the Sage X3 Automated Test Platform version 2.8.0 for your user experience, this contains:

  • Screenshots on demand
  • Platform installation and update using a new setup wizard to install and update the Sage X3 Automated Test Platform library

Want to learn more?

For more information, please visit the Sage X3 Online Help Center or download the Sage X3 What’s New 2022 R3 release guide.