Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is
Not Only for Sales & Marketing

By: | Category: CRM

A quick google search of “Microsoft Dynamics CRM” will lead most people to believe that Dynamics CRM, customer relationship management software, is meant for sales and marketing. This might discourage customers outside those departments and verticals from exploring Dynamics CRM as an option but that is why it is so important to choose the right partner!

Here at Net at Work our goal as a top Microsoft Dynamics Partner is to help clients improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and maximize their investment in CRM by developing a custom solution that fits their exact business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers countless features and capabilities allowing us to implement Dynamics CRM throughout industries such as:

  • Finance – Integrate financials into core processes, automate tasks to increase productivity, enhance decision making, mitigate risks and maximize financial performance.
  • Healthcare – Improve your practice by guiding patients through the complex Healthcare system. From pre-visit to post operative care, Dynamics CRM offers a single solution to connect provider and patient data across all departments.
    • Enhance customer care and operational processes, leveraging real time data to simplify tracking appointments, billing, and payments.
    • Create patient friendly portals to schedule appointments, check test results and ask important questions.
    • Coordinate patient care and activities between all healthcare providers through Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics automation.
    • Increase community outreach through strategic personalized marketing campaigns, landing pages, surveys, and mobile access.
  • Human Resources – Use Dynamics CRM to create a single-entry point for all HR requests while effectively managing compensation, benefits and adhering to ever changing compliance regulations.
  • Professional Services – Improve control and visibility over customer requests and deliver on contractual Service Level Agreements.
  • Retail Commerce – Create a rules-based system with access to real-time inventory to determine the most cost-efficient order fulfillment strategy.

Regardless of the department and industry you operate in, Dynamics CRM has the capabilities and features to keep your organization moving in the right direction. Leverage the flow of data throughout your organization to improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring customer retention by providing your end users with the information and the service they are seeking.

Contact Net at Work today to learn how we can help implement the right CRM solution for you.