Why Upgrade to New Sage CRM Version 2017 R2

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Sage CRM 2017 R2 is released

SAGE CRM 2017 has Introduced a Revamped User Experience. The new look is more than cosmetic appearance – it improves usability by simplifying navigation, providing faster access to the information you need and makes training and adoption easier.

SAGE CRM 2017 Introduced Several Functional Enhancements that helps your team increase their effectiveness & efficiency in supporting their clients while allowing you to further integrate your CRM with many of the leading cloud solutions.

For IT managers and administrators, Sage CRM 2017 introduced new user self-sufficiency tools and features that reduces the need for administrator involvement for common requests. Here is a sneak peek at just a few items of note:

  • Enhanced Calendar
  • Optimized Navigation and Search
  • Secure Email Connection (via TLS)
  • Sage CRM Help System
  • Sage CRM Email Enhancements
  • System Health Check
  • MailChimp Integration Change

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