About Us

Women at Work is a formal network of employees who work together to promote Net at Work’s growth through the attraction, retention and advancement of its members and other talented women in the marketplace.

Women at Work strives to enhance the company’s culture of possibilities for development and advancement of women leaders, celebrate their contributions and to attract similar talented women to Net at Work.

This program will offer participants a training series, a mentoring program and networking events. It will also host an Annual Women’s Lunch to celebrate women across Net at Work’s clients and partners. The objective of the program is to offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop leadership skills, share experiences and support each other’s pursuit of excellence.

The Women at Work Initiative is one of the many ways Net at Work maintains a diverse and inclusive company culture that provides all employees with an equal opportunity to expedite their growth. It also attracts candidates who are interested in joining a company that is committed to advocacy, mentorship and endless possibilities.

Program Overview

Women at Work is governed by a steering committee, whose members are elected annually. Members of the steering committee provide ongoing strategic direction for the group and are responsible for aligning the groups events and initiatives with its defined purpose. The group hosts six to eight events per year and reinforces key topics and concepts from those events throughout the year. Event include: leadership panels, networking events, skills training and workshops on topics relevant to women in the workforce.

While the target audience of this group are women who work at Net at Work, both men and women are welcomed and encouraged to become members, as gender inclusivity is a critical part of our mission.

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is a cornerstone initiative of Women at Work. We match members who wish to pursue one-on-one relationships that promote advocacy, guidance and professional development. The Women at Work committee ensures that both partners have a voice in the program. Mentors will be encouraged to teach proteges the skills they need to advance in their career or become more well-rounded team members. Proteges will be empowered to speak up and share their thoughts. Their perspective and fresh take on the market can help bring mentors up to date on recent trends. The goal is for both partners to receive benefit from this program.

Women’s Thought Leadership

This initiative encourages our members to commit to writing thought leadership articles throughout the year. This initiative helps promote the voice of women and highlight their contributions and leadership abilities. It also helps showcase the diverse expertise of the women at Net at Work.

How You Can Participate Immediately

  • Take the Pledge
  • Become a Member
  • Be a Mentor or Protégé
  • Work on a Subcommittee
  • Attend our Events
  • Contribute to our Blog

Our Committee Members

The Women at Work Committee are a group of Net at Work women and men who work together to bring our mission to life. Through regular meetings and formal team rituals, they contagiously energize and continually support each other, while functioning as a high-performance team. As leaders, our female committee members serve as role models to other Net at Work women and exemplify dedication, accountability and efficiency, and our male committee members serve as role models for allyship.