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Women at Work is a formal network of employees who work together to promote Net at Work’s growth through the attraction, retention and advancement of its members and other talented women in the marketplace. Women at Work strives to enhance the company’s culture of possibilities for development and advancement of women leaders, celebrate their contributions and to attract similar talented women to Net at Work. Since 2018, this program has offered participants a training series, a mentoring program, and networking events.  It also hosts an Annual Luncheon to celebrate women across Net at Work’s clients and partners. The objective of the program is to offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop leadership skills, share experiences and support each other’s pursuit of excellence.

The Women at Work Initiative is one of the many ways Net at Work maintains a diverse and inclusive company culture that provides all employees with an equal opportunity to expedite their growth. It also attracts candidates who are interested in joining a company that is committed to advocacy, mentorship, and endless possibilities.

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