Why the World of Business Development is Changing Forever in the Field of Public Accounting

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In a three part series for Accoutingweb.com I will attempt to provide context to how and why the world of business development is changing forever in the field of public accounting. The first article in the series titled: How Buying Habits Changed Client Acquisition was posted last week.

In the article I highlight how CRM adoption is at or near 90 percent for almost every business category, while uptake in the world of accounting is hovering in the neighborhood of 7 percent. Only those that don’t work heavily with firms are surprised to find the numbers so low. I then outline four primary factors on why things are starting to change. Read the full article at AccountingWeb.com.

In part two of this series my article will deal with marketing and how we can provide what people are looking for and then turn that into real dollars for every partner and every practice area of your firm.

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