Abila MIP Payroll easily spreads personnel costs based on hours worked by all of your segments such as grant, department and program. With a seamless integration to MIP Accounting, tracking your largest expense becomes a simpler process.

In this web session we will review how Abila MIP Payroll handles areas that are critical to your organization. We will demonstrate how this payroll integration with MIP:

  • Allocates wages to grants or departments based on hours worked by staff or based on pre-defined percentages
  • Spreads payroll taxes and benefits in same manner as wages
  • Manages leave accruals and time taken so that activity and balances appear on employee payroll stubs

Currently Working with an Outsourced Payroll Company? You will be amazed at how simple the payroll process is with Abila MIP Payroll. For example:

  • Once payroll is complete, the complex payroll entry is simply transferred into the accounting system electronically
  • All payroll tax reports are prepared signature-ready, or eFiled using the embedded third party Aatrix Payroll Tax reporting tool