Are you using the fully integrated Abila MIP Fixed Asset module to track and depreciate your assets or are you using an Excel spreadsheet?

abila mipWatch this webinar as we demonstrate how the fixed assets module can be configured to track assets, easily calculate depreciation, and automatically generate depreciation and disposal entries in MIP saving you time and headaches.

Learn about features such as:

  • Setting up designation codes and asset types to classify assets and properly record depreciation
  • Quick Asset entry can help you save time and avoid duplication of effort by creating fixed assets records on-the-fly when you enter AP invoice transactions
  • Flexible depreciation methods can be designed beyond the standard depreciation methods such as straight line, declining balance
  • Setting the depreciation intervals to perform calculations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Distributing your depreciation expense across your chart of account segments accurately and easily using percentages, fixed amounts or units such as square footage.
  • Automatically posting your calculated in detail by asset or as summarized amounts.
  • Maintaining your inventory of non-depreciable or fully depreciated assets, too
  • Reporting on your fixed assets, accumulated depreciation and depreciation expense using a variety of fields and categories