In today’s marketplace—where products and services themselves are no longer a key differentiator—distributors realize that providing a top-notch customer experience across channels is a crucial factor for ensuring business growth. A March 2023 report from McKinsey states that “…compensating for the value of one lost customer can require the acquisition of three new customers. On the upside, 80 percent of the value creation achieved by the world’s most successful growth companies comes from their core business—principally, unlocking new revenues from existing customers.”

You can glean strategies and best practices for creating the best possible experience for your customers in Modern Distribution Management’s Distributor’s Guide. This in-depth resource provides insights and examples on the most important components of the ideal customer experience, including:

  • The benefits of an omnichannel customer experience, which ensures that customers can easily shift between online and offline interactions with your organization
  • How to meet common challenges such as integrating data, protecting the integrity of your brand, and understanding the unique nature of each customer experience channel—both online and offline
  • Key components of implementing a consistent customer experience, including recommendations for the best strategy, change management, and measures of channel performance
  • Future trends to watch for in creating a great customer experience

Learn how to perfect customer experience success by downloading “Achieving Consistent Customer Experience: A Distributor’s Guide” today.