A Smoke Detector for Your Business

Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. A prospect who has not been followed up with, a contract that is about to expire, a pricing error. The Alerts and Workflow module for Sage 500 ERP monitors all your business data – both within and beyond your Sage 500 system.

In this recorded webinar, learn how you can use Alerts and Workflow to:

  • Automate trend analysis and identify when a client stops buying from or changes their buying habits.
  • Monitor incoming email sent to generic accounts like “info” “sales,” and “support” – and auto-process those messages to ensure they get responded to.
  • Create dynamic, personalized web dashboards of critical business information.
  • Identify “inactivity” – when something should have happened but didn’t.
  • Automate report distribution – generating & delivering your Crystal Reports on either a scheduled or “data-triggered” basis.

Alerts and Workflow for Sage 500 ERP identifies and responds to conditions that fall outside of an organization’s standard operating procedures and enables you to avoid saying “If only we had known.”