Significantly Reduce Time Spent on Audits

A little 5-letter word—AUDIT—strikes dread and fear into any department, especially accounting. An audit usually means your team will end up spending way too much time hunting down documents requested by auditors.

And if a document is missing, a lot of work will go into re-creating or requesting it from the vendor. All the while, your team is unable to complete their regular day-to-day duties and your bill from the auditors is increasing.

In this recorded webinar you’ll see how DocLink can streamline the audit process to:

  • Reduce your audit prep from weeks or days…to hours
  • Easily locate, download and deliver requested files to the auditors
  • Provide your auditors with access to DocLink directly
  • Create a paperless audit showing a full audit trail behind each document that can be found quickly and easily showing what happened, when and who did it.