Why Nonprofits are Moving to the Cloud

Over 90% of businesses report moving to the cloud―and nonprofits are no exception. Today, inflexible, inefficient, and outdated on-premise accounting software is rapidly being replaced by modern cloud financial management solutions.

In the eBook: Benefits of Cloud-Based Nonprofit Accounting Software, we explore why this trend is gaining momentum and share with you the benefits of moving to a cloud solution like Sage Intacct―the AIPCA’s preferred provider of cloud financial applications.

Download the eBook and…

  • Learn the top 5 reasons nonprofits are moving to the cloud
  • Get a head-to-head comparison of on-premise vs. cloud solutions
  • Explore 6 key features of Sage Intacct nonprofit accounting software
  • See how some of your peers are improving cashflow by $500K, reducing monthly close 60%+, and saving tens of thousands of dollars in operating cost with Sage Intacct