Functional Gaps with Sage 300 & How To Turn Them into Strengths

As with virtually any software, functional gaps exist. These gaps can become far more visible – and painful – when they involve the backbone of your organization, your ERP. Perhaps it takes extra steps to complete a task, errors are created due to batch transaction lags, or you still carry the burden of day-to-day manual processes.

Sage 300 though a robust software for a variety of businesses today, is not exempt – but how do you know when a gap goes from a business annoyance to a business hinderance?

During this on-demand hosted by Wendy Gorrie, Net at Work’s Sage 300 Consulting Manager we will:

  • Uncover the common functional gaps associated with Sage 300 ERP
  • Provide a framework on how to prioritize the impact of these gaps
  • Discuss options for what you can do now – as well as in the future – to turn these existing gaps into a strength for your business.