A Comprehensive Technology Roadmap Can Deliver a New Competitive Edge for Today’s SMB

Small and medium-sized businesses have embraced technology to gain a competitive advantage and have recognized the importance of a comprehensive technology roadmap to navigate the digital transformation.

While not everyone has the in-house expertise and resources to develop a long-term, strategic, and complete technology roadmap, anyone can do it by following best practices and leaning on proven IT leaders.

This white paper examines the topic of a technology roadmap by taking a closer look at what it is, the benefits it can provide, and best practices any SMB can follow to develop their own complete digital strategy. Inside you will find:

  • Technology Roadmaps: Often Overlooked but Very Important
  • Digital Transformation Success: Domino’s Pizza
  • What is a Technology Roadmap?
  • Business Benefits: The Catalyst for Future Success
  • Leave No Stone Unturned: Elements of a Typical Technology Roadmap
  • How Should SMBs Build a Complete Roadmap?