We know choosing a CRM system is quite an undertaking, and a significant expense.

That’s why we’re offering this Free Guide, a resource that provides the knowledge required to gain the maximum CRM ROI from your implementation.

This guide gives you the compiled wisdom of software designers, sales and marketing pros and industry technologists. It offers realistic information that will keep you from getting “sold” by fast-talking salespeople.

Armed with the information in How To Choose a CRM System, you’ll make informed decisions about:

  • Timelines for implementation and the best ways to shorten them
  • Understanding CRM as a business culture and preparing for change
  • The planning steps most critical to your success
  • Top 10 features to look for in a CRM system
  • How to choose a consultant that’s right for you
  • Hottest tips on how to launch a new system, smoothly and effectively.

What makes the difference between success and failure?

If you wait to ask this question until you’re in the middle of an implementation, it will be too late. CRM is unlike any technology your company has embraced before. Getting it right can mean amazing new levels of revenue, profit and customer satisfaction! Getting it wrong has been a painful, too-late lesson for too many companies.

Avoid the usual mistakes and put your company on the CRM fast track.

That’s the reason we put together this guide. As a leading CRM consultant we understand what works, what doesn’t and what customers should do to get the best results.We’ve experienced what customers did to sail through obstacles and achieve CRM success quickly.

In this booklet you’ll discover:

  • The key components of CRM and how they work
  • Sales force automation
  • Marketing measurement
  • How to prepare for a product demo and avoid getting “sold”
  • Top ten features to look for in CRM software…
  • and why they matter so much