As more organizations have directed employees to work from home, or are being mandated to close their office doors, many on-premise Sage users are now strongly considering moving their applications to the cloud. Helping your clients move their Sage environment to the cloud makes it accessible from anywhere and immediately resolves the telecommuting challenge for all of their Sage users. This is all that customers want to talk about right now and we have seen the inquiries double month over month for the last three months.

In this on-demand webinar, see how you can start to see new recurring revenue in 45 days and watch it continue to grow month over month and year over year. The benefits of Cloud at Work’s Hosting program for Sage resellers, include:

  • A condensed on-boarding process to start generating recurring revenue in 45 days
  • The highest partner margins in the industry
  • Pre-packaged lead generating services – we do all the work
  • All Cloud Set Up Fees Waived – to help your clients with cashflow
  • Stand Up Environments Within 24 hours – to get your clients fully productive again quickly