Best Practices for Adopting an Organizational Cybersecurity Culture

Getting the best Firewall or Anti-Virus doesn’t mean your company is safe from attack. While it certainly helps to have the latest and greatest protection, without a company culture built around vigilance & prevention, your organization will still be at serious risk of a cyber-attack.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we’ll be joined by Michael Powell, Specialist Cyber Representative, Department for International Trade, for a discussion on the best ways to level-up your team’s cyber-hygiene and help you combat electronic threats from both inside and out. Topics will include:

  • Defining organizational responsibility for cyber culture & training
  • The role of academic institutions & cyber responsibility
  • What does your cyber culture look like now & what should it look like in the future
  • New hire expectations: What level of cyber awareness should be expected
  • Cyber literacy – Who is responsible
  • The responsibilities of the U.S. government