With the increasing number of debilitating cybersecurity breaches, the risks to your business, both direct and indirect, are on the rise.

After a cyber incident, the timing of your response is critical. Your business is impacted, and it may be unclear what has been stolen. However, taking hasty action without a plan can sometimes be more perilous than the incident itself. That’s why it is crucial to complement your preventative measures with a well-defined incident response protocol.

In this recorded virtual panel, our experts will continue their discussion on best practices for cybersecurity insurance and incident response. They will address the following key topics:

  • Essential cybersecurity insurance coverage and endorsements
  • Immediate steps to take (and avoid) following a breach or incident
  • The process of filing an insurance claim, including when and how
  • Best practices for avoiding common mistakes that might prevent a claim from being paid

Panelists Include:

Michael Powell, vCISO
Chief Information Security Officer
Net at Work

Robert Case
Cybersecurity Insurance Specialist
Millennium Alliance Group

Eric Sluss
Virtual Chief Information Officer
Net at Work