While Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500) excels at ERP, many feel that its built-in reporting doesn’t provide the visibility into your business that you need.

DataSelf Analytics fulfills Sage 500 ERP’s potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, simplifying and amplifying your analytics requirements, providing exactly what you need to turn your data into knowledge.

It provides capabilities that go beyond Crystal, MS Access and Excel-based reporting, allowing users to analyze data extensively & easily.

View this recorded webinar where we will demonstrate DataSelf Analytics for Sage 500 and the many areas that this powerful BI and Analytics tool can provide solutions for you including:

  • Sales Analysis* – Allows you to focus on smarter sales. Be able to see at a glance who buys what, when, where you’re making the most profit, which products or customers are declining or growing the most
  • Customer Loyalty – Understand loyalty trends of your customers. You are now able to track relationship profitability, advancing and declining customers, average amount per sale, along with the number, type and size of transactions.
  • CRM Analysis – You now have the ability to take data from your Sage 500 and CRM to provide a broader viewpoint of your customers. On one report you now can have sales history, open opportunities, and support history.
  • Inventory Analysis – Many companies have lopsided inventory: too much of some items and too little of others. Now have the ability to analysis historical trends and future orders to help improve your order process.

Plus, DataSelf provides reporting on data not merely from Sage 500 but different Sage products and non-Sage products in one report.