Change is hard. No change can be harder!

In an industry plagued by low IT investments and outdated IT solutions, chemical enterprises like yours need to adapt to the latest digital technology trends as a game changer to help transform their organizations.

You’ll hear firsthand why Sage X3 is the ERP chemical manufacturers and distributors are making the move to, with key takeaways including:

  • You can’t do it without IT – The role of IT within the Chemical Industry and why companies are looking at new ERP, IT and Digitalization as a game changer to survive.
  • Digital Transformation – Chemical Market move to Digital transformation.
  • See it LIVE – Hear, see and learn: Why choosing the right Chemical ERP solution that is geared towards chemical industry needs, enables your business and generates value for your organization but keeps your investment low and your ROI high.

Watch now for tips on how to choose the right ERP for your Chemical Manufacturing or Distribution enterprise.