Introduction to Optical Character Recognition (OCR): See How it Expedites Document Capture to Help Manage Your Inbound Documents

An important part of a document management solution, Document Capture, is a natural first step in the process of going paperless. It allows your business to bring in documents from a wide variety of sources.

In this recorded webinar we will focus on the smart technology behind OCR which takes Document Capture one step further by intelligently recognizing alphanumeric characters. It ‘reads’ the data on your documents for further processing.

We’ll walk through what OCR does and how it can be used to help you speed up your Document Capture and ensure accuracy, including:

  • Reduce front-end processing time, keystrokes, and manual entry
  • Read structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents
  • Help with indexing and processing; increasing efficiency
  • Reduce transaction processing costs as you capture crucial information