Over the years we have seen many options for what has been called Document Management for Sage 100. These previous solutions have lacked in ease of use and have not provided flexible management of your office paper flow.

Net at Work now has an integrated solution for Sage 100 that provides connections to all core operational areas and the ease of use that end users are looking for.

Watch this recorded web demonstration of Document Management within Sage 100 where we will show you the benefits a true integrated ERP-Document Management solution can provide, including:

  • Streamlining of accounting, distribution and manufacturing paper workflow
  • Configurable to your company’s workflow process with or without ERP integration
  • Lower cost of filing, storage, faxing, searching and copying of documents
  • Improved productivity of the accounting department by as much as 40%
  • Then of course there is always helping the environment by Going Green Sage 100