abila mip fund accounting Is your organization ready to look at ways to reduce paper, streamline document approval, and improve productivity? There are many options for electronic document management that can meet the specific needs of nonprofit and governmental agencies and work with Abila MIP.

Join us for this on-demand webinar as we discuss some of the important questions to consider when looking at document management options:

  • Does your staff have needed visibility into the status of invoices or payments?
  • Do invoices get lost in the approval process?
  • Do you need a process for requisitions, purchase orders and accounts payable?
  • Do you need to encumber funds?
  • How can you include an approval process for requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices?
  • Can you reduce miscoding of invoices?
  • Is your process for employee reimbursements clumsy?
  • Are your file cabinets stuffed to the brim with invoices yet it is difficult to find the requested documentation for auditors?
  • If you use MIP Advance, what are your options?