Document Management for SMBs

There is a misconception that Document Management technology is only for larger organizations with big budgets.

Join us for this Webinar to learn the basics of Document Management technology, why it’s relevant to Small to Mid-Sized businesses (SMB) & how it can help you achieve greater efficiency – even with a limited budget.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding Document Management – Learn how to get critical documents to team members wherever they are. Capture data from scanned/digital images with minimal effort so that your staff moves quickly and accurately to the next task.
  • What is the right system for me? – Choosing one solution means saying no to another, BUT… A properly chosen and expertly installed solution will allow you to maximize savings and chase new opportunities.
  • How do I get these benefits without spending a lot? – Learn about low monthly cost solutions designed for the SMB market. See how easy the products are to use, so that any team can become more productive in a few hours.
  • What else should I consider before buying? – Hardware and software are part of the picture. Understanding the jargon and having the tools to follow through is another. Learn a few kernels of wisdom to help you choose a partner who is able to understand your unique needs and guide you to the right sized solution.