If you’re like most people, you’re in Microsoft Outlook more than any other application. Sometimes it isn’t efficient to have to go to your browser in order to get a small piece of information.

Good news is here! Did you know that you can perform almost everything you do in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, directly from Outlook? Including navigation.

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out what your integration can actually do for you and your productivity! Key features we will cover include:

  • Understanding Filing Options – Learn about the configuration options available to you when integrating Dynamics with Exchange.
  • Filing Incoming Messages – Find out how to file your emails effectively, by selecting the correct record and understanding how it attaches.
  • Navigation – Find out how you can use Dynamics as a standalone solution from within Outlook to search for unrelated content from your Inbox/current message.
  • Creating a Lead, Contact, or Account – What to do when you receive an email from a prospect or lead that needs to be added to CRM.
  • Inserting a Template – Discover how to insert a dynamic text template as a response to an email that you receive.
  • Customization – Explore the options available to you to change how users experience Dynamics from within CRM.